And So It Begins…

At the start of the year we set out on a mission to create a design agency based in the Cotswolds focused on creative brand and packaging for the food and drink industry. Having worked on global brands like Coca-Cola and Colgate Palmolive it was time to focus on the projects that I really loved… the projects that got me excited!… The design jobs for small start-ups, for food and drink specialists or simple for clients who really loved what they do, produce or sell!

‘We tend to focus on food and drink businesses – this is born out of a love for food and drink. Everything from small batch gins and cold-pressed juices through to farmers producing the very best piece of meat. 
However, the goal is simple. We just want to work with people who love what they do.’

It’s working! We can’t say it’s been an easy or glamorous few months, in fact it’s been turbulent… stressful… but on the whole really exciting! We’re finally doing something special, supporting dynamic, interesting businesses and individuals who just happen to produce some of the best food and drink going. Yes there are still times when we wonder whether we’re doing the right thing, but then something comes along that makes it all worthwhile.

Although we’re most excited when we get to work on new branding or packaging projects, we love to support our brands. Day-to-day design support is essential for our clients, we help with everything from creating range extensions and sales literature right through to banners for shows and events.

If you’re lucky enough to be beginning your start-up journey or you’re rebranding we’d love to get involved. We know how challenging and unnerving it can be, but we’re here to help. Every major design job is started with a positioning session. These can be as simple as us creating positioning boards to get an idea of what you like… and possibly more importantly what you don’t like! Or, if you’d really like to explore things in more detail, we can run brainstorming sessions. These would normally involve as many designers as we can muster and hopefully a good team from your side. It’s all about getting to the root of what makes your business tick… why it’s different from the competition and what your consumers are looking for. It makes the whole creative process much more engaging for both you (the client) and our designers. The result… a piece of design that not only looks good but also works in the real world and captivates the consumers in a way that wouldn’t be possible without the same care and attention.

If you’ve got a design job, no matter how little or large we’d love to meet and discuss it. Although we’re based in the Cotswolds we work across the whole country, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact no matter where you are!

For more information and to see our portfolio visit –

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